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Blepharoplasty surgery

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IPL treatment for facial thread veins and pigmentation

Facial thread veins – tiny networks of veins that show through the skin on your face – and rosacea – a general inflammation of the cheeks and face – can make you feel very self-conscious about your looks. We use IPL photo-facials to treat these conditions. Our special Palomar laser emits pulses of light into the skin, which are then absorbed by the blood in the visible veins, and converted to heat. The heat shrinks the vessels so they are no longer visible, giving you a natural, even skin tone.

Hyper-pigmentation – dark spots or patches on your skin – is usually caused by sun damage, although it can also be a side-effect of hormonal changes. We have two different treatments to help even out your skin colour – IPL photo-facials, and skin peels which can be combined for maximum effect.

Our IPL photo-facials work by emiting pulses of light into the skin. This light is absorbed by the darker areas, and converted to heat which
then dissolves the cells that create the pigment. Usually several treatments will be needed to clear excess pigmentation.

What is an IPL PhotoFacial Treatment?
A PhotoFacial Treatment is a series of gentle pulsed light treatments intended to improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin, facial fine veins and broken capillaries as well as reduce facial and neck redness and flushing. PhotoFacial treatments result in a more youthful-appearing skin. All this improves the visible appearance of the skin with no down time. At Stradbrook Skin we use our Palomar Starlux IPL machine to carry out this procedure.
How does the treatment work?
An intense light is emitted in a series of gentle pulses over the entire face at intervals of approximately four weeks for a series of four to five treatments. This special light, which is different than laser treatments, emits light over many wavelengths allowing the light to penetrate to all the levels of the skin where abnormal easily dilated vessels can be found. Lasers produce only a single wavelength of light and are limited in depth of penetration and what they can treat.

What conditions can be treated?
PhotoFacial treatments will help patients who suffer from photo-aging of the skin, pigmentation from sun exposure (Age Spots), irregularities of skin texture, improves some mild acne scars, reduces large pores and helps reduce fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth. PhotoFacials are great for the reduction of facial fine veins and broken capillaries.

The other main treatment is for facial redness caused by Rosacea (a condition in up to 13 million people), sun exposure, alcohol, medications, stress, emotional causes, time and aging of the skin, repeated blushing or flushing of the skin.

How many treatments will I need?
You will normally require an initial course of 3-5 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart.  Then it is possible to require a follow-up treatment to maintain the level of improvement.  We will educate you in ways of caring for your skin to help diminish the likelihood of future treatments.

Treatment Prices

IPL Treatment Of Pigmentation, Facial Redness And Thread Veins

Full Price
1 4 Pre-Paid
Full face £300 £1020
Cheeks £210 £714
Cheeks, nose, chin £255 £867
Cheeks and nose £235 £799
Nose £150 £510
Back of hands £175 £595
Spider Naevi £150 £510

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